The RANCOIN Roadmap showcases our plans to create the leading product and services marketplace.

2021 Q2 Proof of concept for the project- Design platform-design token-Initial UI/UX design
2021 Q3 Token launch-Smart contract development-Conduct private sales, presales, and public sales on multiple platforms-Platform beta development-Listing on PancakeSwap-Product architecture development-Tesnet and production environment of the platform-Expanding the ecosystem support for other blockchain and smart contract- Platform beta launch with Binance Smart Chain compatibility-Platform and smart contract audits.
2021 Q4 Platform official launch with binance smart chain compatibility-LP staking and farming-ERC-1155 implementation-crypto & credit card payment integration-Members program testing and implementation-Integrating cross-chain NFT solution- AI assistant and check-Defi gamification release-Test release of lending/borrowing program.
2022 Q1Partnership with influencers program launched-Listing in top exchange platform-Launchpad for aspiring content creators-Additional platform sale channels-Non-Fungible physical integration.
2022 Q2Research and development of application iOS and Android-R&D of own exchange platform-R&D of own wallet and dapp browser-Mainstream marketing push.
2022 Q3Research and development of own blockchain-SDK/Whitelabel to build NFT storefront
2022 Q4Research and development of additional languages to be supported on the platform- Research, development, and Migration to own web hosting.